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cleaning effect

On Mondays, I go to work a little early to clean my office and do it voluntarily.About 10 staffs including me.

It's not compulsory, it doesn't matter if you're evaluating your salary.I'm just a volunteer.

However, cleaning has a mysterious effect.

First of all, Shohei Otani's example.

"I forgot to share it yesterday," said Jeff Fletcher, the Angels' correspondent for Orange County.Gothani was throwing garbage in the trash can during the inning."What a nice person he is!" he responded to a tweet from his fans.Otani's humanity is emphasized as follows.

It was 20 years ago, Duskin japanese famous company.

Toyotsu Park is located in front of the building the headquartered in Esaka, Osaka.

I exactly forgot that every week or every day, the staffs cleaned it.

Another president I know kept cleaning the area along Route 170 in Neyagawa City, except in front of his own store, and the other companies around his company began to clean up there , then one year later, he got award from Neyagawa City Mayor.

The above three are successful.

People who can move for others are trusted more than sales, technology, and strategy.

The pronouns that can be moved for people are cleaning and picking up trash.

Pick up trash = You must be lucky.


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