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A little delay is a fool of strategy.

Mizuho's fifth system failure this year

21st 8:55-9:25 our ARP server has stopped, so I don't think it's anyone else's business.

We can't help what we've done and what's happened, but Well be honest with you after that.I want to do this thoroughly.

Sun Tzu said, "Late start is the fool of the art of war."

If we make mistakes or make mistakes, we tend to try to make them look small. They often lie.

For example, Japanese famous person ,Hiroyuki Miyasako, who allegedly ran a black market, lied that he had not received the money in the end, and the crime became serious.

According to my experience, two SEs who were dispatched deleted the data by mistake.

At that time, when they would have said they turned it off, the countermeasure plan would be over.

But they lied that the instructions were strange.

It was soon discovered and hidden.

It turned out to be malicious, so they was fired.

We make mistakes. We make mistakes.

We want to hide it. We don't want to say it.

I understand very well, but We'll be in trouble later on, so We'll take it all out.

Then let's deal with it.

It's much more refreshing there.


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