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Ask about hospitality

I was surprised at Uniqlo's accounting.

A system that allows you to instantly read and pay for items in a cart just by placing the cart.

After that, the customer himself took the bag, folded the clothes, put it in the bag, and returned the hanger.

The clerk doesn't get involved.

I thought the number of staff would have decreased, and it's down as a lot as a service.

But Starbucks are self-service, and I thought it was good to have customers do it.

Not only Uniqlo, but also airports and boarding procedures are gradually automated.

When you call KDDI, a robot guides you to the website.

Automation may be just the right thing to do with the decline in the working population, but I feel like I'm getting too far away from "pleasing someone."

We should also automate the use of the latest technology, but we shouldn't go away from pleasing anyone.

Our work will be boring.


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